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Turkey Leg Hut



If you are reading this it's safe to say our mission to reach the right people has been accomplished. First off let me start by introducing the owner if you haven't already navigated through the site. Her name is Jaxyn Ruby and she is a 5 year old kook-ee eating expert with a passion in her to share her delights with the world. When I say world I actually mean the world. With kook-ee customers from Israel, China, Turkey and even American's own little island (Hawaii). We have managed to provide family quality time by way of a mason jahr.

The question you may be asking yourself is..."Why us? Why Turkey Leg Hut" Our answer is simple. What you have done in taking something as basic as a bird part and reinventing it is exactly what Jaxyn's Kook-ee Jahr has done with one of the world's most favorite desserts. We have set out to reinvent the process of attempting to baking the perfect kook-ee. Throughout our journey we have had the honor of meeting many different families in all walks of life. I can remember my first experience at TLH, of course it was before your Almeda location. You guys were located in mid-town where at the time a college buddy of mine had come down to visit from Chicago. After finding out he was from the Chi I remember a guy letting us know we would be well taken care of because of course it was his duty but mainly because he too was a Chicago native. The experience was great, so great that Jax and I are still to this day 3 years later regular patrons of TLH.

The contents in this gift box you guys have received is a homemade Kook-ee Jahr with authentic ingredients, Jaxyn's business cookie card, and our new item. The Baked Goodz! The Baked Goodz were introduced in Hawaii where we supplied a local Maui business with about 50 individual kook-ees. Now that we are back in the mainland our goal now is to get a local business here in Jaxyn's hometown. Why not the Turkey Leg Hut? Basically all that we seek out to do is present the chance to provide you guys with about 4 -5 dozens individually packaged Baked Goodz free of charge. We don't ask for anything. We bring the kook-ees in boxed and you guys price them to your liking and keep 100% of the profits. If this sounds like something you could entertain we could be reached by the information on our "business cookie" where Jax and I could come in and provide vital information through Power Point on past and future business. Basically whatever question you have we would be happy to come in and explain. We are doing this cause I'm a firm believer of paying a cost to be a boss. Thank you for your time if you managed to get this far and we look forward to hearing from The World Famous Turkey Leg Hut! Be Blessed....

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