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Jaxyn's Kook-ee Jahr came about after sitting around one night she decided she wanted to bake cookies. Evidently her treats came out so delicious that she wanted to use ALL her dad's ingredients up to make kook-ees for the world. He objected, and together they both came up with the idea to share her kook-ees by the layer in a mason jahr!



Full Name: Jaxyn Ruby Antoine

Nicknames: Jax, Queen

Future Desired Occupation: A Doctor

Date of Birth: May 28, 2013 (Gemini)

Hobbies & Interest: Going to Chuck E. Cheese, Shopping, Playing, Traveling & Taking Pictures

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Foods: Pepperoni Pizza, Corn Dogs, Kook-ees & Donuts

Favorite Drink: Chocolate Milk

Favorite Music: Beyoncé, Troll Soundtrack, SING Soundtrack & Stevie Wonder

Favorite TV Shows: Peppa Pig, Shimmer & Shine, Bubble Guppies

Favorite Movies: Frozen, Trolls & A Goofy Movie

Favorite City: Los Angeles

Favorite Sports Team: LA Lakers

Favorite Animal: Unicorns

Favorite Number: 100

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