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Experience the relationship between a father and daughter as Jax and Joe open the door to their silly bond they have together. Tune in every Sunday morning as they have some of the best conversations and he educates her along the way.

Joe & Jaxyn Beats The Sun Up!



Jaxyn’s heart at 5 is super fragile. Just the mere statement of “I’m not your friend anymore” hurts her feelings. In this episode Joe tries to explain to Jax without robbing her of her innocence, the importance of not having to have friends to function. Although you’ll hear his take for about half an hour, keep in mind this is a life long lesson Joe will be teaching the QUEEN!


Houstonians call it negativity when in fact it's just plain ol' homesickness. Listen as Joe and Jax compare their hometowns and how they feel about the two cities. Although one will never clearly understand why Joe dislikes Houston so much. Maybe they could partially understand what keeps him in Houston, Texas.


"I think it's time we had this talk!" Jaxyn has already experienced not 1, but 2 toothfairy visits. Joe feels like it's time to address the elephant in the room. Now before you go and get bent out of shape at least take the time to listen for about half an hour, you never know the cat may have been out the bag a longtime ago. When dealing with Joe, one could only imagine what's revealed.


In this episode Joe and Jaxyn go over astrology. They hold a decent discussion about the Moon, stars and our solar system’s planets. Very educational, and impressive to hear them teach each other what they know.

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